Thursday, 21 March 2013

Final digi-pack design

This is my final digi-pack I have created. I felt that it was important that Beau was featured on the front cover of the album, as he is a new artist and needs to get his face known to the public. I kept the cover quite simple and ensured that I included the guitar, as this is the artists unique selling point. I also included a close up of the guitar on the back to maintain this element. I have put a list of the songs on the back and included the interscope records logo to show which record label Beau is from. On the third outside panel I included an image of two people's converse. I made one of them stand on tip toes to suggest that this is a girl that Beau has met, and to suggest that there is an element of love to his songs. I chose the shoes to be converse to match Beau's image. On the inside of the digi-pack I have included various lyrics from the album, instead of having a booklet of lyrics. I wanted the inside to be quite simple and used a grass background, to make it match with the other images on the digi-pack.

Digi-pack designs

Here are my three digi-pack designs. I ensured that all of my designs featured Beau as he is a new artist and he should be on the cover of the album. All of the designs include an image of the guitar as the guitar was Beau's unique selling point. In all three of the designs I included an image which could suggest that he urges for a relationship and there is an element of love to his songs, e.g. the holding hands, the girls shoes.

Research on Digi-packs

Thursday, 28 February 2013

Lesson 2 - Digi-packs

In the lesson, we began the research of digi-packs. We looked at Mrs Raji's examples of digi-packs, so it would give us ideas on the certain features that a digi-pack should have. We discussed what would make the audience want to buy a digi-pack, as a lot of people now download their music and think CD's can be a waste of money. This made me realise that I will have to differentiate my digi-pack to others, otherwise it will not be successful with the audience. It will have to include something in it, such as a poster, to make the audience want to buy the digi-pack instead of downloading the music.